I've hunted with Nathan twice, & he is a very serious & committed guide. That is what it takes to be successful hunting mountain sheep, As we say, "it ain't for sissies!" 

Nathan is concerned about his hunters success & safety, and it shows in his effort & conduct. This is important when you are often pursuing game in places where man doesn't often tread ... places where you have to adapt, improvise, & persevere. It should still be fun! That is a big part of being a great guide. 

Also, it is a spiritual thing for those who really "see" the mountains. Nathan gets the spirit & respect of the mountains & for the harvest. 

Jay Evers

I have been fortunate enough to go on some amazing hunting adventures. My hunt with Nathan was the most special hunt of my life. Nathan is the hardest working and most patient guide I have ever come across. His biggest concern is making sure the client is having the hunt of a lifetime. I’m not sure where my next hunt will be or what animal I will pursue, but one thing is for sure if Nathan hunts them he will be by my side.

Robert Bentley Jr.

“Having hunted all over North America with some of the best guides and outfitters.  Nathan French is at the top of the list.  Nathan's work ethic, positive attitude and knowledge of big game is unmatched.  Showing up in outfitter camps you never know who you are going to get, or how capable that guide is going to be.  When you book with Nathan French - you eliminate all of that guess work."

Kyle Miller

The biggest concern on a guided hunt is wondering what your guide is going to be like, and if he's capable of getting the job done.  When I got off the plane and met Nathan, my concerns diminished instantly.  He treated me like a friend, rather than a client and his work ethic and positive attitude gave me all the confidence in the world knowing I would have the best chance at harvesting what I came for.  If you want a fun, rewarding and successful hunt look no further than Nathan. 

Toph Romeo

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